About Us

Embracing Enlightenment.

Jamel is the founder of Spiritueel Dromen. He was a successful businessman who fell in the grips of depression and bad habits. His life fell apart in every aspect. He found a mentor who taught him about life and the energy that comes with it. Jamel embraced these teachings and applied to his life. Now, he shares the same teachings that helped him brought back balance to his life that thoroughly made him happy.

You are not Alone

Spiritueel Dromen helps people suffering from depression and anxiety. If you are one of these people who watch your life fall apart in front of your eyes, it is not too late. You are not alone. Your circumstances may look like as if they seem they are hopeless and unchangeable. But the solution to these circumstances in your life lies inside of you. When you feel unhappy or unfulfilled, shop online using discounts will not make you feel whole again. Acquiring more material things is just a band-aid solution. The true solution to fill that void in your heart is filling it positivity and enlightenment. Always remember that you don’t have to face this life alone. There are people like us willing to listen and guide you.

Meaningful Life

Spiritueel Dromen spread awareness on how energy affects our lives and how the imbalance cause chaos. Desiring to change to improve your life is a smart decision. Get a travelstart discount voucher, and learn effective ways to meditate and connect to your inner self. It starts with a simple decision. Your decision to change will lead you to a healthier and meaningful life. If you want to lead a meaningful life but no idea where to start, Spiritueel Dromen is here.

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